• Subs no Dubs
    Subs no Dubs
    Categoría: Cine y Televisión
    9 Episodios
    Yahello! Welcome to your bi-weekly dose of all things anime and manga, embark on a journey with your hosts Casey and Darshan as we find what is hot and trending in the world of anime and hopefully get lost along the way and enjoy the journey with us! Follow us on Twitter! Casey: @caseyofspades Darshan @Toonie2K See more...
  • Time Torch
    Time Torch
    Categoría: Comedia
    8 Episodios
    This is your weekly dose of hilarious, quirky, gaming and entertainment show with your host with the most and his camera shoots faster than his gun, Jsnapshot and an entourage of hilarious guests and friends from The Core. Episodes will be coming out weekly and you are always welcome to join along and listen to the shenanigans tha See more...